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Financial Planners

"Financial planners are like dentists: they may occasionally inflict pain, but in the end, you will be better off for following their advice!

Whoever wrote these lines must have either been a financial planner or someone who relied heavily on planners for finance management. We all know that planning our finances is vital. Why, then, do most people stall the process? Perhaps visions of being buried under balance sheets and calculators plague you, and ultimately tempt you to put off your money matters to some other day!

For people with such visions and worries, there is only one saviour a financial planner. Financial planners specialise in solving money messes. They plan and manage your finances so that you can better your prospects for the future. Financial planners help you to establish your short-term and long-term financial goals and determine ways to meet these goals.

Financial planners provide finance advice of any nature, and in order to do so, they delve into every realm of your financial status. They interact with ones legal advisors, bankers, accountants, and the like to understand a persons aspirations and targets. As such, they even conduct interviews and surveys to establish an accurate client profile, complete with financial goals, investments, taxes, insurance coverage, income, retirement schemes, medical plans, and other relevant data. From these, financial planners derive a workable plan for finance management. This plan features suggestions and recommendations for a person in the form of dos and donts, strategies to follow regarding insurance, asset management, investments, property planning, retirement, and more.

Mind you, financial planning is necessary for each and every one of us we often make the mistake of thinking that only big spenders or the super-rich need financial planners! The truth of the matter is, financial planning is a way of life, something you acquire as a lifelong habit. Financial planners can make this easy for you, as quite often, money management becomes arduous and complicated if your know-how on finance is weak. Whats more, financial planners are adept at tailoring customised strategies, to best suit a range of needs and lifestyles.

Financial planners serve for the ultimate desire peace of mind that ones money is in safe hands. At the end of the day, a penny saved is a penny earned, and a financial planner is someone who can chalk out the most convenient way for you to save those pennies!

Dan Noyes

Financial Planning

Arbitrage Trading Home Business

Many people today are looking for ways to earn a little extra money working from home. Maybe you are on of them. I know I am always on the look for new and exciting ways to earn some money working from home.

Thats what I am writing this article. To tell you about Arbitrage Trading and SureBetPro, and how you can use them to work from home and earn money.

What is Arbitrage Trading?

Arbitrage trading is not to be confused with gambling whereas gambling involves a risk. Sports arbitrage trading is using the market in such a way that a risk-free-profit can be generated on the outcome of an event. In arbitrage trading we are taking advantage of bookmakers with different opinions on an event to ensure a certain profit.

Arbitrage in the sports market exists because different agencies often post different odds on the outcome of a game. Suppose the Yankees are playing the Red Sox. Bookmaker Bet365 is giving even money on the game, so a $100 bet placed on either team will earn you $100 if the team you picked wins. Another bookmaker, Bodogs has the Yankees at +200 which means if you place a bet with Bodogs on the Yankees to win you will get $200 if they win, and $100 if they lose. You can guarantee yourself a profit if you make the following bets.

Place a $300 bet on the Red Sox with Bet365 at even odds. Place a $200 bet on the Yankees with Bodogs at +200.

If the Red Sox win, Bet365 pays you $300. However, since the Yankees lost, you lost your bet with Bodogs and must pay him $200. Your profit is $100, as that's the difference between what Bet365 pays you and what you must pay Bodogs.

If the Yankees win, you will also profit $100 since the bet you made with Bodogs was at +200, Bodogs pays you $400 for your $200 bet. Since the Red Sox lost, you must pay Bet365 $300. Again, your profit is $100, represented by the difference of what Bodogs pays you and what you must pay Bet365.

There are a number of gamblers who exploit the differences in odds from bookmaker to bookmaker. It's not as easy at it seems because it requires extensive research and time consuming number crunching. However SureBetPro automates this tedious work for you, so that you only have to place the bets.

Arbitrage trading is evolving into a large scale business around the world. With millions of people searching the Internet every day looking for ways to make money online. No wonder why arbitrage trading is quickly rising to the top. Its easy to do once you sit down and learn the system and it can be done anywhere in the world.

I use arbitrage trading and earn over $1,000 a month working out of my house. I have read the facts and the dont lie! Arbitrage Trading is a fast growing work at home business. Visit Arbitrage Trading to learn more about arbitrage trading, and how you can start making money.

Predict Stock Market Tops and Bottoms With The NH-NL Ratio

The new high/new low ratio (NH-NL) ratio has been around for many years but different investors use this indicator in different ways. Some investors plot the ratio on a chart using the number zero as a neutral designation with positive numbers equaling more new highs than new lows and a negative number equaling more new lows than new highs based on a specified period of time. I have developed and used the NH-NL ratio in a completely different way from some of the more popular methods. I started to follow stocks making new highs while reading the paper Investors Business Daily many years ago. I didnt use the news highs as an indicator but I only studied stocks to buy from the list. As I became a more experienced investor, I subconsciously started to gauge the market while noting if the new highs were increasing or decreasing. After the stock market bubble burst in 2000, I started to record the difference between the daily new highs and the daily new lows. I would enter them into an excel sheet along with the price and volume of the major market indices and study their relationship. Within two years, I was convinced that the major market tops and bottoms could be located easily by aggressively studying the price and volume of the major indices and studying the ups and downs of the NH-NL ratio. The general market indices often give investors false moves in all directions and many market services and investors have developed new indicators to help assess the market to try and pinpoint turning points without great success. Many of these secondary indicators are successful in showing the investor if the market is weak or strong but they fail to pinpoint the strength or weakness of a turning point with great accuracy. Many of these secondary indicators give false signals along with the general market indices.

With several years of serious study under my belt using my method of the NH-NL ratio, I have accurately protected my money during downturns and have accurately guided my buys when the market has reversed and started a new sustained up-trend (not a head fake).

How do I use my NH-NL ratio?

I start by recording the daily new highs and new lows from Investors Business Daily (my preference) but you could use any free or paid service on the web. Over the past five years, I have developed key levels that the market must reached or violate to trigger certain actions. I am not pulling any of these numbers from thin air as they are all based on actual experience and have not been derived from back testing. For a market to convince me that it is following through and is starting a new up-trend, it must present me with a minimum of 500 new highs per day on a consistent basis. When a week ends, I add the weekly NH-NL totals and divide by the number of active trading days to get the weekly average. The average must have a minimum of 500 stocks per day for me to consider risking over 50% of my cash in new positions (the new leaders). Once the weekly averages reach 800-1,000+ stocks per day, we know that the market is in a full fledged rally and you can start to commit your entire trading stake and use margin. In 2003, the market gave numerous instances when the new highs topped 1,000-1,200 stocks per day, a very impressive amount. When the market shows strength like this, the trend has become obvious and you must have your money working for you by following the trend. Keep in mind that 75% of all listed stocks will follow the general trend of the market.

Recently in September and October of 2005, the NH-NL ratio has been negative, meaning that we are seeing more new lows than new highs. When this type of action happens, you must lock in profits and move your cash to the sidelines. It is not safe to invest on the long side of the market when the ratio is negative. Often times, a bear market may be forming when the ratio weakens and turns negative. If the market confirms a bear market or down-trend, it can be an opportune time to make money shorting stocks or using advanced strategies with options (I only recommend this for advanced and experienced traders). You must determine f the market is in a down-trend or if it is trading sideways. If it is trading sideways, it will be better to pull your cash to the sidelines and wait for a direction to form (either up or down). This article is being written and published on October 25, 2005, the first day after the NH-NL ratio has turned back to the positive side after 13 consecutive days of a negative ratio. The past two weeks have averaged negative ratios with some days only reaching 15 quality new high stocks. This type of weak action could signal a bottom in the market as we get ready to form a new rally. The most crucial indicator to watch over the next few weeks will be the NH-NL ratio to see if it can continue to gain strength and increase the new highs to 500 or more stocks per day. If this happens, the current indication that a rally has formed on the major indices will be confirmed and you can start to commit more than 50% of your trading stake to new leaders breaking out of sound bases or stocks moving higher from establish support areas.

As I look back at my archived hard copies of IBD, I can see the strength and weakness that this ratio gave us throughout 2002 and 2003. I am reminded how the ratio went from negative territory in September of 2002 to a positive ratio in October of 2002. After reaching positive territory, the new high ratio soared into the 800-1,100 range in the first six months of 2003 as we were in a strong bull market, the strongest year since the bubble burst. I dont know what next month or next year holds for investors, but you can get a good idea by tracking this indicator as it turns back to the positive side after a very poor October (2005). I once wrote about the Halloween indicator and I am now convinced that it has some validity, especially if this NH-NL ratio confirms another rally as October draws to a close.

Chris Perruna -

Chris is the founder and president of, an internet community that teaches you how to invest your money with solid rules. We offer an extended no obligation monthly trial period starting immediately with two free weeks. We don't stop at just showing you our daily and weekly screens, we teach you how to make you own screens through education. Through our philosophy, you will be able to create your own methods and styles to become successful.

Trends On The Trin and Vix, Gaps Are Always Filled

If you are a trader, particularly trading the ES, or spoos, you know how the intraday market often takes you right out of a trade executed at the wrong time. You expected a short trade and you were right but you got in too early. A common problem for all traders. What if there was a way to know if the market was moving in your favor before you executed? We think there is. And it is primarily dependent on reading both the trin and the vix. Consider this premise.

If there was an effective way to know whether a trend has started on the trin, would it necessarily mean the same trend had started on the vix? Not at all. Unless both the trin and vix have ended an existing trend, trading against either one could easily result in losses. We have developed a time tested method for determining when a trend exists as well as a means for determining targets for when it will end. And we have developed a complete consistently profitable strategy around it.

We are sharing our logic here for the first time anywhere.

When using a 1 minute chart, the trin and vix moves in small increments measured to the 2nd decimal point (1/100th). To illustrate the idea we will just talk about the trin although the basic idea applies also to the vix. The first issue, however, is to determine what part of the bar you are looking at. We believe the high of the trin and vix corresponds with the low of the spoos. The converse is also true. Also forget all the preconceived ideas about what is bullish or bearish. The trin can be at 3.4 and move down to 1.9 and you can see a heck of a rally in the process.

Presuming that the trin has established a pivot in the opposite direction, if a trend is being established look for the following.

The trin should move from the current 1/10th decimal point in to a new 1/10 decimal point. ei current reading 1.15 and going up. To be trending, the trin must move in to 1.2X at least. Trin must not have been less than 1.15 when you start tracking it. Also, if the trin moves lower than 1.15, the up trend probably has not started and you need to keep watching. But once it starts to move, it WILL move in to the next 1/10 decimal point and likely will continue in to the 1.3X or 1.4X or more. Thus the trend has started and trading with the trend will produce successful trades.

Another compelling factor, however, is the existence of gaps in the trin and vix. We define a gap this way. If the close of the preceding one minute bar is not intersected by any portion of the current bar, a gap exists. Equally important is if the high of the current bar has not intersected the close of the previous bar you have a gap that suggests the index will move UP to fill the gap, hence resulting in a corresponding drop in the spoos when the gap is filled. If the low of the current bar does not intersect the previous bar, the index will move down to fill the gap, resulting in a corresponding move up in the spoos when the gap is filled. Gaps of any size in the trin are always filled. Gaps in the vix of less than .05 may not be filled. We have the data to prove this. So if you know where these gaps are, if the current reading is in general proximity to a known gap, holding the trade until the gap is filled can be enormously profitable.

We invite you to explore these concepts on your own or if you want to see specific results check out our website or write to us for examples of any given historical date and we will provide you with the data.

RSKsys Intl.

Day Trading Forex - 4 Reasons For A Stock And Shares Trader To Migrate Over To Day Trading Forex

If I am day trading the stock and futures market, why would I want to move into day trading the forex as another additional trading avenue? Are there any special features of day trading the forex market that appear more appealing to stock traders to attract them to trade the forex as well?

In the pursuit of prosperity, we are always looking for ways to create personal wealth, and day trading forex offers much more opportunities to create wealth than say trading stocks and shares and commodities. Why is this so?

Forex Markets open 24/7

The stock markets and the commodity markets have set times that they are open for trading. In contrast, the forex markets are open 24hours a day, seven days in the week, giving much more trading opportunities to the day trader to trade. At the same time, convenience is a key factor, as anyone can trade at any convenient time with a web based trading platform provided free by his forex broker.

Higher Liquidity

The day trader is always conscious of liquidity. It is liquidity that allows a day trader to move smoothly into a day trade instantaneously at the best identified price without lag which will lead to a poor executed price. When he wants to buy, the day forex trader is able to get into that trade almost instantaneously due to the higher liquidity in the forex market and when a day trader wants to sell, he can get out of the currency at his price without delay. Where the difference in a fraction of a cent is important, this characteristic of very high liquidity makes forex trading very attractive. More so, it has been proven that there are trading systems that allow day traders to trade for only an hour or two, freeing them to do whatever they like for the rest of the day after pocketing profits. These are day traders who professionally trade for a living.

Lower Trading Costs

Forex trading seems like a dream to many day traders because there are no exchange fees, no commissions paid to brokers, and low transaction fees. In contrast, the day traders in stocks and shares and futures market all incur fees and commissions paid to licensed dealers and brokers, all of which will result in less profits.

Ability To Earn From Referrals

The active day trader can enter into arrangements with some forex brokers to earn a referral commission from the trades of people he introduces to the forex broker. Now while this is another separate activity, it cannot be denied that this is an added advantage for a day trader to earn something extra from his efforts in introducing or recommending friends to trade as well.

All these features make day trading the forex an attractive and possible replacement income source for those who work from home trading for a living.

Be sure to read Part #2 of this article which reveals the powerful tips on how you can still make money trading forex even though you are undercapitalised and lack skills. Click Here To Read Mini Forex Trading Part #2; or visit my blog

Day Trading: 3 Powerful Strategies to Make Money in 2007

Unlike buying stocks of a company and waiting for a long period of time as the company grows to obtain profit, Forex day trading is a simple method of increasing your return as you buy, sell, enter and close out transactions on the same day. This is not an investment one makes to let it grow over time, as exchange rates fluctuate too fast. Here are the best ways to gain profit from Forex in the year to come.

1. Learn the system

If you want to learn the ropes of this industry, taking currency trading courses or reading a guide is probably the best way to go. Many currency trading associations and websites offer traders free demos so that you can get started on the foreign currency exchange market. Some websites may ask for a small membership fee, but if youre dealing with a reputable site, it is probably worth it. You will thus increase your chances of making a profit by learning the basics of day trading, swing trading an position trading, as well as the fundamental investment principles.

2. Be politically and economically aware

You will have a greater chance of taking advantage of Forex if you know its basic theories, such as the fact that a countrys currency is highly influenced by its political and economical development. In order to make healthy trading decisions, you must know the latest country-specific situations. So before hitting the day trading market, try to stay informed by watching cable TV, reading the newspapers or subscribing to online news services, as this will give you an immediate advantage. Make sure you know the most recent inflation rates, tax laws and changes in government in the countries which have the currency you trade, so you can make smart choices.

3. Choose a simple system

Before making your investment, you must be sure that you understand the logic upon which tat particular system relies. If you cant grasp why and how it works, you will not be able to follow it and you will suffer inevitable losses. Instead, go for a system with simple logic, which has only basic parameters and rules. There is no relationship between the complexity of a system and the amount of money it can bring you. Last but not least, dont forget to look at the money management involved in the system, as this is the key to your trading success. Copyright 2007 Joel Teo. All rights reserved. (You may publish this article in its entirety with the following author's information with live links only.)

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